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Hire-to-Retire, game changing HR platform

designed for your satisfaction
Intuitive, flexible, faster and with all the solutions
Analyzes, cross-references and compares all entities and data
Provides a comprehensive report and the ultimate level of accuracy
SaaS solution based on the most advanced technology


The entire employee life cycle from Recruitment, through Development till Termination.
Tailored interviews and candidate matching, diverse development and analytic tools to power data-driven HR growth and business development.

Inclusion and multicultural solutions

Managerial tools to reduce bias, increase diversity and support inclusion.
Facilitates a merit based recruitment of diverse candidates, personalized mentoring and coaching of employees.

All in, Full connectivity and transparency

Integration and synchronization of both internal and external systems.
Enabling flexibility in adapting any tool at any time and using HR infrastructures customization.

Send-and-Forget system

Automated Process tracking from start to finish.
Customize any process using tailored features and get a transparent execution report in real-time while reducing time and eliminating errors.

Real-time Decision Support

Cross reference data analytics turning big data into comprehensive information to support determinations and decision making.

The most cost-effective solution!

Increases and improves HR persona performance

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Founded with the understanding that
HR-technology is an enormous part of
business today.
We are a team of masters with combined 230 years of experience in multidisciplinary fields tackling the toughest challenges in HR-tech.
Our cloud-based HR platform is GDPR, Fortune 500-ready regulatory and HR compliant

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